How to ask a question (open new topic)

Before you ask a question / open a new topic
please take care of the following points:

  1. The forum was previously searched for similar topics / issues.
  2. Give a precise (detailed) description of
    • the issue / bug,
    • the goal.
  3. Show the (relevant) blocks (images, screenshots of blocks in high quality).
  4. Debug your blocks (connect to Companion and right mouse click: → Do it).
  5. Name the Android / iOS version running on your (test) device.
  6. Do not open multiple threads on the same topic.
  7. If you haven't already, read this: Some basics on Android storage system.
  8. For advanced users ‒ identify errors (logcat) - Android:
    Capturing Device Logs using adb logcat (guide by @Taifun)
    Logcat command-line tool │ Android Developers
  9. Choose a meaningful topic (not something like this: "I have a problem" or "Please help").

Note: Make it as easy as possible for those who are helping. Especially:
→ Write in English and
→ use English blocks (set the language in the Designer - temporarily - in English).

to 3: get an image of your blocks (→ right mouse click in Blocks area)

or use the Snipping Tool from Windows etc.: grafik to get only some blocks.

to 4: debug your blocks

Connect your device to Companion and make a right mouse click in Blocks area on a specific block:

For more details

Getting Help on the App Inventor Forum
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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It does not show me points at the end could you help me please
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What does this vruntime error mean? Error from Companion: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 53144112 byte allocation with 16777216 free bytes and 26MB until OOM
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Notificacion utilizando visorweb 1
Want to make an app to help organize and record data regarding my services to farmers
How do you separate the data in MIT app Inventor?
Error 701: unable to load /storage/emulated/0/My Documents/Recordings/app_inventor1690233521187.3gp
Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Cannot delete item in the list view
Counter otomatis
Background image of Canvas not being rotated after clicking picture
Some android versions are not supportable
App inventor Nano BLE 33
Create timetable
Emulator crashes with error code: Error from Companion: java.lang.RuntimeException: invalid syntax in eval form: :10:1
Problem minimizing and returning to home screen
How do you open a csv?
GPS tracking and sharing
Problem with audio buggin making the phone to stop any microfone use
Apk crashes but ai companion works without issue
How do I add a delete button to delete one of my messages/clear all messages?
Mantener sesion iniciada con TinyDB
How can i solve error 507 unable to connect. is the device turned on?
How do I send a notifcation at certain time?
When i click a button that redirect to url in chrome, it gives error
Adding New rows to a single .csv file
Save Scroll Position
Controles multimedia para música externa
I am added WhatsApp button to my app where by clicking it should open whatsapp app but it shows some error? help me to fix this
Translate palette
Application crashed
[translated] App Inventor error 503 error occurs and pairing fails
Mit app Not working, and how to obtain data from firebase on graph in mit app
Error help! plz ---segment: start(3) + length(8) - 1 exceeds text lenght(0)
Appareil photo ne se démarre pas
No Response from Users
Export file as excel, csv, save as csv, no SD card, extension can do that
The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [[]], [1] Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds
Can't copy components
How do I restrict a Timer to be only 30 seconds?
Balloon notifier
I need help with api
Music Overlaps When Screen Is Re-Initialised
2 screen with 1 Bluetooth
Some question about clock and time picker
Guardar una imagen sin base de datos (Save an image without database)
How do you specify the centre of an arc?
Error al llamar cvs
Permissions to /storage/emulated/0/Documents/
Load and show a CSV file with ListView
How to put a TextBox content into a label?
L émulateur ne fonctionne pas
Get the path of → ASD (app-specific dir) & → private data dir (internal storage)
Can someone fix my app here? i'm new to this. thanks
Wont let me access my projects
Version problem
Why my code can’t run
I want a build once love days tracekr ? anybody can help me?
Work in AI Companion but not on Phone
Movement sensor
Movement sensor
How do you make a Canvas Image transparent?
How can I get different languages on speech recognizer
App inventor code pour activie lapp
My app won't open on my phone
Пропадает звук при переелючении экранов в скаченном виде (Sound disappears when switching screens in downloaded form)
How can i refresh the screen using notifier button?
No windows support
Help me find the solution to my app
TCP/IP Extension
Car game 2048 help
Error 515: Not connected to a Bluetooth device
Error al conectar la aplicacion a un telefono movil
My project crashes after 1st-3rd time of playing it. How do I solve this problem?
Push notifications working again?
Copying each csv file indexes to different textboxes
Please help me with this math on CRUD System?
Runtime error comparision
Not loaded picts files not reacted on button in WebView
In mobile it's showing your IP address is : Error: No wifi Connection
App inventor is taking photos from other projectors and putting them in my new project
App inventor ios
Server Error unable to build target
Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app
Make (Vaccination) reminder based on schedule
Cannot upload .aia file
App not installed as package appears to be invalid, TaifunNotificationListener extension
Make the app play different sounds or tts with different shaking motion
Showing error message in table view
Change packagename
Upload to send drive png/jpeg from App
Delay display clock
Is this possible to do?
smartphone with android 13 requires api 33 . from January 2023
Create a list of Videos and Play any one
How do I display an app upside down and mirrored?
Vedio qr generator
I wanted to rename my file without having to redo it
How do i upload videos that are picked using filepicker in mit app inventor
The program has stopped working, generation is not happening
Runtime Error ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
App Inventor Application
App inventor started freezing from too much code
Playing wave files sequentially issue
Apertura della app e della url lenta
I can't see pictures i have on the designer, om my AL companion
I'm making a messaging app in mit app inventor, but I want to see the new incoming messages on the top and the old ones on the bottom, how can I do that?
Bluetooth standard connect to specific device
Displaying stored data
Runtime Error: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that one flag of FLAG_IMMUTABLE be specified[...]
Unable to creat Gvhelper
Why the website has become slow?
How can the app acquire the selected text when opened from the Context Menu?
Creating a Camera App with adding a Watermark Image
I can't find files in my phone after Camera TakePicture
Reproduzir videos em sites carregados com web-component
Error before play store
I can't scan the qr
I send a command to a telegram bot with app inventor,
Add mit app to custom variscite som board for stand-alone device?
Ajuda compilar, construir, a função compartilhar
Missing "Download Certificate Request" option under "My Projects" dropdown menu?
How do I make total sum for shopping list?
Asd fail, what to do?
I don't know what this error means
TTL3 security using API Method
Compilation error of "--preparing application icon"
Sound not play on screen lock
I can't install my (IOS) app
Trash no tienes
firebase error and show all errors
Save as pdf (print)
Enlarge a photo
I was unable to download my apk file a bug or error occurred
Image does not appear
Digital signing the apk file
Rename projects?
Firestore Extension designer properties window not open
Screen Orientation Change causes App to restart
How can I make it so that if a button is held down it sends a text depending on the time it is pressed, so when I release it I don't send any more messages
How do I get the app to draw this?
My apps keeps stopping
Change from one value to another
Login to Amazon Failed
Please help me to create an application to play mp4 files from google drive
Result cant be less than 0
Got this error "java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class" when import extension
Why does the diagram that I made on the web not appear on mit inventor
What is the code of Bluetooth chat application
How can i for block the screen and canot exit of it?
Sorry. I Solved
Mit app ınventor
Getting error while whilw
Check if qr read value is any data in firebase
It wont lemme scroll
I need help with code
Read permission
Take a screenshot
Is there a way to choose specifically where our button will be located?
Error 908 . How can I change from app to legacy?
Error 908 . How can I change from app to legacy?
Error 908 . How can I change from app to legacy?
I downloaded this but it`s not working properly
MIT emulator for Mac OS does not open
Problem with iPad companion
App doesn't work but works when used with companion AI
Emergency alert system
What does this issue mean and how can i fix this?
How do you make the coding for a back to a previous screen button?
It tells me the app has a bug
Saving a workspace to another screen using listview
How do you identify specific Android device by using mit app?
Background in a canvas. Can it be a camera?
Error en al crear articulo
In some android runtime error is showing
Riproduzione audio ad orario stabilito - audio playback at set times
RunTime Error How To Fix
Can't Open screen by skirpt
How can i make a app to chat from two phones
Problema de coneccion a apk
My project disappeared
Looking for an extension
Map组件中roads类型地图无法显示 - Roads type map in Map component cannot be displayed (in Mainland China)
My App stopped working with google sheets
Extension not working on
Error 1101 in mit app inventor
The emulator does not work on my computer
When missing
Can I send messages and file sharing directly to the default text app?
La app funciona con coneccion directa pero al gnerar el apk no funciona una pantalla
Fallos y errores ANR
How do you solve this problem with screen orientation?
How do i correct the error message application of instance (#!null)
Runtime Error: Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that one flag of FLAG_IMMUTABLE be specified[...]
Dimensioni canvas
How do you link sites create with php/myadmin and hosted freely by 000WEBHOST to my app inventor?
How do you compile extension in Niotron IDE?
Detalles del informe previo al lanzamiento
Audio not uploading on mobile site
How do you add images to an existing text based app?
Is there any extension that replaces Barcode scan?
Successful Use of Ullis Roboter Seite MQTT extension with TLS
Clouddb error (upload,dowload or someting else)
Search for developer for iOS
ImagePicker Android 12
"Choose an Action" Pop-up
Tengo un problema a la hora de agregar datos me dice que es un caracter ilegal
Is there any extension for designing component?
APP function controlled by bluetooth remote control
Google account pick up in Mit app inventor
How do I determine what hit what?
WebViewer Refreshing
Bluetooth Serial Receive Data Anomaly
Create button with edit commands
Read and update from .csv file
The app you created will continue to stop. Quick Answer, please
El dialogo del asistente virtual se salta el orden de la conversación
The app you created will continue to stop. Quick Answer, please
What is the zero equation if there is no number?
Non esce dal progetto con chiusura applicazione
How do you connect to ios? only with companion app and through code or qr code?
List - Error Select List Item
List - Error Select List Item
Como cambiar origen al reproductor de video
The QR Code problem and downloading issue
Bluetooth client problem
Aktuelle Zeit bei der SMS mit senden
Cuando solucionana este problema
Error from Companion: invoke: no method named `AppName' in class
I need help with a simple code or a side code that involves using a while loop
I would like to know when app inventor will update api 30 to api 31?
Can pdf upload to mit?
Can pdf upload to mit?
Need some help with play music on mit app inventor
Button taking too long to respond and play a sound
File explorer or file manager
How i can draw line?
Any extensions for this
Open File Error 2102
Přístup aplikace k uložišti telefonu (App access to phone storage)
Create My App Album
Date and time recording
Is it possible to make an App detect phone's IMEI or number to function?
How do I make my app using camera app of third party instead of device default camera?
Point automatically app inventor
APK export error
O componente sharing não funciona corretamente
How do I make the slope of graph?
Open file by default
Location in app inventor
Firebase error only en apk
Have I to insert cookie in my app if I don't use users dates?
Create shifts App
Im trying to save score
A function returning file contents?
A function returning file contents?
How Do I Clear All The Things From The Canvas?
Help to create app from scratch
A function returning file contents?
A function returning file contents?
Error 2103 guardar archivos
Error received while running an app (Emulator)
Implementing cancellation of the next Batch on MIT
Notification volume
How do you upload image to server?
Cliccando i pulsanti
How do you get all the buttons?
Im trying to share mp4 file but its says the file could not be found on your device
How do you get simple data from Local web server created by esp8266?
Screen orientation error or bug
Datei Speichern, es wird keine Datei erzeugt
Estensione barra laterale
Estensione barra laterale
How to download my app on IOS
New app for my job
New app for my job
Fallas con la generación de apk
Save file to internal storage
Change accent color
Just some confusing but useless problems
Load mp3 Problems
Counting the number of likes
Invalid destinationAddress error app inventor
Can web component urls hold parameters?
Client Satisfaction App
SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework
Mypiano app inventor
APK is not installed
Exit from block
Appearance / Colors chosen by a user on the app
Let something walking around the screen
White space between Pay Now button in the bottom and payment details in the Top
How do I save text in .txt file in internal storage?
Solving Runtime errors
How do I make a app for wear os with app inventor?
Erro al instalar la aplicacion
Example code of MIT app, about sending data from Raspberry Pi pico to the phone
The *and/or* block
How to make background wallpaper app in mit app inventor?
Canvas Background Image saves ok from Companion but not from APK
Trying to save a file to a subDirectory of DCIM?
GetMillis help adding times
Google play console problem
tinyDB doesn't work on Android-12
Please help apps create
Ricevo sempre dei bug
Custom Web View. "net:err_cache_miss"
Where is the button programming file
업그레이드 후 앱 실행이 안됩니다.
Spreadsheet not here, how to solve
I need help/info how to use my Slider Ext
Motion Sensor in Mit
How do you send csv file via bluetooth?
Proximity sensor issue
How do copy of Big not image file to ASD from non ASD directory
How do automatically create google accounts?
Eliminar un archivo
Spss mit app inventor
Error en el servidor durante la edición
App control only matched device
Sobre a importância da Tecnologia
3d model display
Problem! program generates a password, works but crashes
Move from firebase to web dropdown
2 Image Sprites Not Moving At Same Time
Build App Error
OTP phone number (Firebase Auth)
Activity starter download csv
After testing the created app, the second screen keeps on repeating
Speech doesn't stop reading a list
Screen causing a bug that won't let me remove what's causing the bug or access the screen
Testing app on IOS and got this error : "Error from Companion: error: Impossible to set up layout with view hierarchy unprepared for constraint.."
Oppo Phones Problem app dont work
Canvas issue or not?
Bluetooth does not connect
Pls help for this block!
Mass download all blocks as images
Python printed messages
Listpicker and Google sheets
Listpicker and Google sheets
Login Page Using txt file
List viewer automatically scroll down
I'm having problems with the file system/file structure on Android/AI2
Companion help, when screen initializes companion disconnects
Invisible blocks that cannot be removed
Convert text to number
My app lags for a second on Snapdragon 435 devices
Firebase get data not working
Issue about List
Feedback for GSoC '22 proposal on "Implementing auto attach aia file in App Inventor Community"
Timer With CSV file
app creata con mit app inventor dopo un minuto si blocca
Проблема расширений
Problem with a highscore list
Remove time Past to listpicker
Website to app downloads doesn't work
I can"t find mistakes
Problem with APK. I don't see photos in program
I need help with my app_Associate random questions to specific images
How do you make a rhythm game?
Copy to shared Folder "Download" when using TaifunFile not works
Where and how do I insert a clock for each position?
Save pictures (Canvas)
I want to write an app that records call duration and send that data to google sheet, i don't know where to start
Save and load path
Error al instalar aplicacion
How convert to python
Saving aia with sample data
Not able to create apk of my app
ابوحبيبة ادم منذ 33 دقيقة كنت عايز اعمل تطبيق اعلانات بحيث ان اى شخص عايز يرفع فيديو اعلانى يختار الدولة والمحافظة والمنطقة ويحدد عدد الاشخاص اللى يشوفو الاعلان ويبقى فى سعر للعدد اللى هيشوف الاعلان ان كان فيديو او صور واللى يتفرج على الاعلان مايقدرش ي
Simple Audio record tutorials are impossible
Conectar e editar o excel a aplicação
How do you modify this in the apps?
I can’t save a video
Error 2101 with the .APK
Can't publish app to play store
Need Help with blocks
Runtime error argument #2 when i try to save in pdf format
Map Error as Latitude
Whatsapp is not installed, Activity Starter Resolve Activity method returns empty string
How can I use the password textbox
Problem to generate QR CODE
How do I get value from CloudDB in background if I pressed 'back' button to leave?
Help on Building app for capturing data
Duda en general
Application form
Can mit app inventor make a new folder in storage
Aia как импортировать файл
While running the created .apk file, I cannot communicate with CloudDB,
When reading a txt file with SAF extension I get error: 'no content provider:'
Help me for this app
Sorry, file to resize does not exist
[PAID] :round_pushpin: Location Service Extension
Run time error bug please hel me
Video player url source not working
How do you make a clock?
My mit has some problem plz check it once
Help needed with Chartmakerplus
Timestamps on MIT inventor
Information Of Bad Arguments
How to show decimal numbers in the result, for example 199.090
Cant build apk or aab-lags then does nothing- no download
Enable Iphone Model?
List error during development but not at run time
Detect when button click textbox contains what
Error with two screen
Permiso denegado de escritura al intentar generar un archivo exel
I want my app to keep the session open even if I close the window
SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework
Multiplier of numbers
Find the volume of objects
An interesting work with numbers
Cambio de pantalla se cierra
App freezing then completely unresponsive after playing media in webviewer
Data History Errors
No guarda el archivo TXT
Crear menú desplegable para cámara o buscar archivo
Adding a link to a button
How do I make music play in my app using urls or mp3 files?
Is this code ok? I want an easier way to save images using tiny db
About sound track
A confused geek in need of help
Gallery no me funciona
Телефонные звонки
Pictures from Gallery
Service and Characteristic are not published by the connected device { Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense }
Error 9009 when taking pictures
.aab sign problem
How Do I Use A Small Font Size In Questions And Answers?
Ask for permission
database connection and data update in the given row
When pressed the quit button it will crash
Android 11 and tinyDB
PIC-associated webviewer can be deleted without warning
Qr : Read and Create Qr/Bar Code offline
App inventor user interface modification
Keystore- keystore
My app got a error of file being corrupt
About opening other screen
Package name - how do you set a custom package name?
Pro camera: The pro custom camera
Set Button. text or component to
Error de servidor: no se ha podido realizar la compilación. ¡Por favor, inténtelo mas tarde!
Unable to proceed on with the coding
Non riesco più a far caricare il file CSV dalla mia app
WebView Filepicker
My list view do not show in my phone
Phone component doesn't seem to place calls // Pixel 3
Open screen is not working in build file
Help with change in default background image to canvas
Cerco aiuto per creare un cerca da inserire
I wonder how, I wonder why
Firebase DB App crash
Error message in ImagePicker
Pls reply fast bug error
Package name - how do you set a custom package name?
Error al subir los medios
How do I make a card game war in my app inventor?
Problem regarding .aab files and .apk files
How do I solve this problem?
Initialize not working while going to other screen in APK
ScanView And QR toghether work?
Why is it showing a bug happened when there aren't any bugs
Stop Screen Switching
Convert Unix Timestamp
Asking Permission By The User
Capture Phone Numbers?
Solve The Error 1004
Voice recognition translate to hebrew
Webview string not working
Does Anybody else got problems with this! RESULT_CODE_HUNG
Possible accuracy issues in clock timer
Please, help me with recognize simple sounds
Hi! Can you support me?
My app can´t read files from portable sd card
Como cambiar el nombre por defecto de las fotos del elemento camara
Hello everyone . I am taking a input from a textbox and i want to check its every word if it appears in a list
I need the source code to use my smartphone as a camera
Cannot start recording: setAudioSousefailed
Convert binary use 8 switch
Button color doesn't change on enable/disable
FirebaseDB apk file not working
Errore: l'applicazione MIT AI2 Companion si è bloccata in modo anomalo [Error: The MIT AI2 Companion application has crashed]
Creating default screen
My App Inventor is glitching
Runtime error. Who can help me?
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments Issue with CloudDB
API KEY USE (air quality app)
Saving information in Firebase to specific accounts
Selects the item at the given index in the given list
Store multiple data in firebase
Why my installed apk on samsung tab a6 doesn't work properly
How do I resize an image sprite?
Ottenere codice
No se instalo la app
Trouble with Permissions and Code Execution at the App Front End
Why doesnt my code work
ursAI2 Fail to read Subcribe topic
Invalid Screen: screen3
ZoomImage Pro Extension
Hola alguien que me ayude un poco
Why is my game crashing
Slider Help with Button
A little question
Annoying sounds repeating roughly once per second,
Google Sheet Calculation
Error while inserting empty textbox
Como hacer un pasador de diapositivas automatico y deslizando
Como resolver o problema do assistente AI
Exported .Apk not working for me
How do I create a very large list of 5000 items?
Does not work anymore with Android 11
Exported .Apk not working for me
How to builder convert offline to online
Mi aplicacion se congela
A beginner start to bulid an application using MIT to control the movement of the robot connecting to Raspberry pi
Problem after downloading the app
Text content larger than size of arrangement is displaced upwards
Connection to AI Companion
No suena sonido (Urgente!)
Date in app is effected by the locale language of the phone
Help for File component
Help for File component
How do I fix the error from companion? [Firebase !]
If MIT App Inventor Community supports Android 11
Companion Crashes as screen changes
Hola cuando importo muy keystore personalizada y voy a generar muy apk me da error
How can I change my background image in vertical arrangement?
Listview, variable y tinydb
Pie Chart update automatically
How do I add a refresh button? ( terminate a TextToSpeech message )
Reddit Browser Help
The operation + cannot accept the arguments. [ " / Q"] , [1]
Newbie question - what's the code behind?
How do I remove vertical scroll in webviewer?
Form with data like csv in Tinydb
I can't rename my project after it is made!
File location of saved data files
Help with list(possibly)
The operation elements cannot accept the arguments
Problem in use my app
Bug screen help me
Cloud db probolem (using LocationService extension in the background)
Missing sound in mp3 player
The apk don't find csv files in the phone
Bug issue this night
Webserver not working
My job name is wrong
Rtsp stream from phone camera
Menu lateral desplegable
Need help with listpicker
Problem with Android 11 accessing Storage
report this app in my mi mobile ? miui bug report
Simulation Game on Voting
Drawing graphics from google sheet to the application
L'APK geenrato per android non funziona su tutti gli smartphones
Now playing within my radio app
Now playing within my radio app
Text labels not loading in the Companion App
Error 801 MIT App Inventor
Help with transfer from tablet size to phone size
Project Question
App não funciona no android 10
Project for tomorrow (Firebase DataChanged event not working)
Sending already saved Images
Uygulama İçi Veri Kaydetme [Saving In-App Data]
Qr code doesn't work
Uygulama İçi Veri Kaydetme [Saving In-App Data]
L'app appena creata non funziona su huawei P smart +
DynamicComponents does not show the images in the compiled APK
Storing files in device
Notifier probleem
Cotação dolar- please help (Dollar exchange rate)
ta giving this bug all the time. help :(
How can I download?
Input using aux cable
Photo Gallery for Hairdressers App
Image And Address
Video streaming on app by using webcam
Hi best community [Where do I find the tinydb files on my device ?]
How to change path upload file and delete button
Examples for download
Commande relais
How do I insert select functional in alarm extension
How can I open a screen with a spinner?
Help with problem solving
Errors that constantly appear in the application
The operation Line Width cannot accept the arguments: , [""]
Open a screen for the first time using TinyDB
Firebase Crashes my app
The application does not start
Click durch eine List
Copy and pate at app
"PROCV" na tabela CSV para obter dados
Multiple files upload function is needed
Share cannot find specified mp3 in device
All of the images become the same size
Firebase error only en apk
Radio app suddenly not playing my live stream radio
Cambiar namespace a tinybd
Is it possible to add an error to a textbox if it's not filled?
How can use on button
Runtime Error when I try to save data
Blocks are not connecting for the or & and logics
Nao estou conseguindo mostra os dados que salvei no tinyBD
App not working,,after installing in mobile
I can't Paste longitude and latitude in properties
TriviaGame app development ,programs not executedThe operation select list item cannot accept the arguments ll Note. You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds help me
Convertir web tienda ecommerce en app
Não consigo executar o meu script php no servidor
List of results
Testing app, Video Black
Use app inventor component?
Screen blinking
Date Picker doesn't work for me
[Suggestion] New animation for opening and closing screens. Slide horizontall right and left
Help needed regarding app asking permission
Select random item from my list
Salvare un file
Run an appinventor project as service in background
Rooms and Murders - my first game. Mistakes?
File component issue (Using Bluetooth, TinyDB to control a Plant watering system)
Can I see how many times I scanned my app?
Is it possible to see images from the spreadsheet google?
Property setter was expecting a component but got a IntNum instead
App not open used in admob components
PROCV no app inventor
How to Connect Dynamic List View With Google Sheet?
Problem with Back button
Qr code scanning
How do I create a word search button?
Problemas al cargar imagenes
Where to find the "open another screen" block?
Consulta a la base de datos tinydb
How to change upload media path
Help With Save File
Is it possible to have tags with the same name firebase?
Display firebase data time to time
App inventor 最新工具包在哪有下载
Random number adding from a list
CollidedWith image
Compatibility with phones
Double line creating
How do I read and display datas from google sheet from scanned QR CODE?
Inventory App: Screen doesn't initialize with values from tinyDB
Sending SMS message: uid 10159 does not have android.permission.SEND_SMS
A non application specific directory maker
My app not working on any smart phones
How do I stop a ball from crashing the app when it hits the edge of the canvas?
Data export problem from tinydb in android 10
Codes For Users To Upload and Download Images From Canvas
Authentication server error
I need help with Firebase data changes
Where can I find the extensions directory?
Water level monitor
How do I make a list with prices?
Kết nối Bluetooth
Companion: 2.56 or 2.56u needed
Help with tinyDB please
Duplicate image indexing problem
Im getting this page isn't reponding
update api level 29 mit ai2
M3u player in appinventor2
How can I play music when returning to a screen?
How do I choose list currently used from two lists?
Clock component problem?
How often does the music play?
Notifier component - To close without notifier.after.choosing
My app cant go to the app why
¿Cómo puedo guardar una foto en mi galería después de tomarla con la aplicación que ya cree?
AppInventor Support Android9
小妹想请问下 app Inventor最新服务器地址 有谁知道
How do I search google map using textbox component
Problem happened in making xylophone (record & playback)
If condition not satisfied
How do I put buttons or labels into repeat cycle like for each number ... do?
Stop button press sound
Slider incrementing by Timer?
Gif on another screen
Order instructions
Mit app inventor
Help me guys (Runtime error with any component block)
Canvas draw text displaying
"file" program statement?
The phone screen displays a paragraph of text?
Welcome Can you help me with my application to a program app inventor
Error 1101- Unable to get a response with the specified URL
Fixing marker infobox
Thanks a lot for telling me
Sorting App blocks
Call to 'set-and-coerce-property!' has too few arguments (3; must be 4)
How can I solve the error build failed
I want to show an image in whatsapp
The position y of an object is changed for no apparent reason
How do you Delete the data Spreadsheet using app Script?
Error de ventanas
I have a few questions
How to retrieve several user values?
Can we create a list of Boolean variables in app inventor?
This app does not work
Error: the application loops on the home screen when I open it on my phone
How to make this? (Convert AI1 Classic Blocks to AI2 Blocks)
小妹想请问下,有没有 按手机音量加减键发送信息的接口
Timepicker Minuten less than 10
Hardware integration (with an Arduino) and App Inventor
앱 인벤터에서 앱 등록 후 앱이나오지 않네요 (The app does not come out after registering the app in App Inventor)
Error from companion
This APK contains code Java or Kotlin, which can be obfuscated
I can't download an apk file
Letters Disappearing On Buttons
Web links issue
Runtime Error Error from Companion: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.String.toLowerCase()' on a null object reference Dismiss
Where can i find IF THEN event
Text box not responding
How to save read and retrive multiple data with tiny db
Same screens were overlapped when press device back button
No crea el apk de mi Proyecto
Using BlueStacks to run an app on my PC (and save data to the PC)
Is there anyway to dismiss notifier on another screen?
My application opens by itself!
Missing Sprite when download the apk. Everything works perfectly on emulator. How can I solve the problem? Thank you
Need help:clouddb data shown using a listpicker/view
AppInventor does not generate the .apk file of my project, any solution?
Como puedo llamar datos(Folio) a un campo de texto en app inventor (How do I generate a folio number in the app and that it can be consecutive)
Please Help, Making My Own Builder Through App Inventor
Notifier width grows when used the second time
Tengo problemas con mis bloques
Mostrar en una lista
How to add the seconds in a alarm
How to use math formula given
Filter by Criteria Function
Keyboard send automatic enter code
Creation de fichier .txt
Screen orientation margin
Reset text blocks automatically
I want a message to be displayed after logging in to the app for the first time and to display this text for reuse
Time sensor use too much RAM
How can I make easily homepage of same contents' app made by appinventor?
Line break in txt file
Duration between two saved instances from time picker(s)
AI companion showing images but APK failed to load
How to button search for MIT in my app
I need help with making a chat app using TinyWebDB
Read data frome firebase in mit app invertor
No me muestra los bloques me pone todo blanco
Issue in retrieving data from firebase onto MIT app
How do I make links?
Music Maker App
Ble no visualizo
Questions that the user was wrong
Need help to make button reading url from google sheet
Unable to upload images
Ai2 application has stopped
Hello, in the beginning, when the program opens, it continues to open and vibrate the screen and does not allow navigation
Why can't change a sound?
How can I convert text to "number"?
Error 908: The permission READ_INTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app
Can someone help me please it means a lot to me:)
Encontrar arquivos que foram salvos no armazenamento interno do smartphone?
My app keeps crashing?
I can't save a csv file in one of my device
Have green bar on laptop, Once connect with phone everything go left
Error 908: Permission Denied
select list item: list index too large select list item: attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: () end application " em portugues
I’m late I have to submit the app today night
Sorting numbers and multiply each numbers
Invoking the event handler twice is giving warning and project does not execute
Arduino connect serial
List as a Sentence
How to delete app (with 65 screens)
The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , ["Problema"], [1] Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds
Bluetooth client speed and buffering issue
Gif animated Extension. Clickable. Transparent Background
How do I do something specific for each word?
Como leer un scv en android 11
How can I upload pdf files in MIT app inventor?
I do not know what to call my problem!
Save Voice Text to Speech
Error908 the permission CALL_PHONE has been denied please enable setting it in the settings app
Appinventer no posible recive intent?
I do not know what to call my problem
Is MIT App Inventor Turing complete? How to prove that?
Logging in to amazon will show token type is no longer supported
File scope shared doesn't work in Android 11 or higher
Please, help me (take pictures with camera programmatically)
Why is my app crashing after building successfully during startup?
Background alert
Push Up Counter
My game, SamuSlash
Don't show characters as emoji
Can anyone help me to make a app for bus fare please?
App not working properly
Storing a simple file outside of the application specific directory (ASD)
Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 0: []
Space ın textbox
How can I connect the phone gallery to the application?
Canvas are not saved
Notifier does not respond to color change
500 Internal Server Error
Как добавить js или html код?
How do I keep music playing on external player?
Wie kann ich eine Liste nach Alphabet sortieren
Old app no longer works
The Text box doesn't show Bluetooth status correct
How do I add a Java build to mit
Activity with no screen
Linkify Extension - Detect Links
Does anyone have a download link for price per slice app
How do I to count without button
Html reading data from xml file
Unable to do live testing this morning
Error from Companion: invoke: no method named `TextColorDetail' in class
What's going on with my numbersonly textbox?
I have installed my app of MIT app inventor in my computer in Android App Bundle .aab, but I am unable to open that file in my computer, which software will help to open that on my computer not on phone
Attempt to get item number 4 of a list of length 0: [] , how can clear it
Save or storage pdf
New project I need help
قاموس اللغة الفرنسية (French Dictionary...)
Web view come faccio a caricare un app quando la mia è in esecuzione?
Test flight code
In creating a chat application, how do we put the user name next to the message?
Affiche les éléments d'une liste dans un sélectionneur de liste
Selecciono en una visor de lista y tambien selecciona en otro
Is it possible to install the companion in two devices?
Property setter was expecting a component but got a IntNum instead. what do i do?
O blocos que eu faço não fumcionan
Clock Error in iOS for make a instant
In a shopping list, write a name and view each item purchased by that name
How can I use a repeat loop in App Inventor?
Describe the shopping basket!
How to get part of a string
Reporting errors on the screen
Background picture lock ratio
Sooo many errors when switching to block
Error 710 :The sound is not ready to play
ListView - position
Boton atrás dos veces para cerrar app
Hi, i would like to know if i can send record voice via bluetooth and play it automatically at the receiver app .. the transmitter and reciever apps are created via mit app inventor
Aggiungo o sostituisco il file .apk
Firebase mit issue
Functionalities that allows the MIT app (to book an appointment)
Error 509 : Unable to accept a connection from a bluetooth device
Advanced stopwatch
Problem with finding Block
Copy and paste feature
Labels and texts are not visible to app inventor companion
Unable to send text via bluetooth after selecting an option at spinner
MIT App Inventor doesn't work properly, "Ooops! We tripped on a Bug!"
Set minimum API to 21 (Android 5.0)?
Tengo una duda en una programación
Remote start Trigger
Text size in blocks
Some apps doesn't work with Xiaomi Redmi 5a
Save a TXT file transfer from Arduino using Bluetooth
Cambiar de ventana
Default app (not deep linking)
Does not let me build
Source app inve
Android device issue
Open another screen with start value stopped working
Additional function implementation
Displaying a page in an application
Displays phone number without the name and I wish the name could be added
Problem regarding attaching a text file for reading from app
Time counter in Mit App Inventor
Doodle App - Save As - How to Save in the internal storage of the device?
File Access Problem
Bluetooth app stopped working after update
Problem with July 30 2020 Version: nb184 no longer able to write and read files
I want to build a multilanguage app but i am facing issues
User interface help
Set tag to a list
Question of block
Checkbox box color
App Inventor App crashes when pressing a special button
Help: Adding more functionality to my cloud-based chat app
Syntax Error: quote in unquoted cell. Cannot parse text argument
Help For Adding time
Having trouble with function "start at" in text section
Problem facing in making notepad
Problem with the final app
Trying to insert Taifun Alarm but not happening
My project cant not build... :"(
How to change Bluetooth Name From My App
Can i play mp3 music file from google drive link in my apps?
Bug MIT APP Inventor: An internal error has occurred
Creating a fitness app
Bluetooth Client and Bluetooth Server Problem
Sending data to Google Spreadsheet
Can't connect to the bluetooth
Canvas size not working
POST ing small files problem
Adding traditional codes to app inventor apps
POST ing small files problem
WEB is not working with my list picker
Adding traditional codes to app inventor apps
Im so sorry but why i dont have command new game :( now i cant do next step on X-O
Daily Time Sheet
Can the web browser access my phone files
How to get Redis Server Code from RedisLabs for CloudDB
Run time error (Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of lenght 1)
Когда возникает runtime error?
Perform a download
Acessar subpasta no Storage
How do you create collapse layout similar to the one inside that video?
Restauramnt order (tutorial)
[PAID] :alarm_clock: Alarm Manager Extension with Notification or Autostart
Your stuff is all missing
Aparece este error 2101 the file /doc.txt could not be found
Aparece este error 2101 the file /doc.txt could not be found
¿Cómo puedo introducir a mi app un Genially sin necesidad que me redireccione a Chrome u otro navegador externo? (How can I introduce a Genially to my app without needing to be redirected to Chrome or another external browser?)
Comment effacer des images (How do you delete images?)
Hola banda alguien me podrá ayudar con estas variables que no se por que me sale error
Regarding reconnecting issue / BLE extension
Comment effacer des images (How do you delete images?)
Mi compu escribe en codigos/simbolos (My computer writes in codes/symbols)
Connect html with mit app
Connect html with mit app
My update my app is not working so do we have to coding in google sheet for that
Selecting email in MIT app inventory

You can also use
WindowKey + Shift + S
for capturing blocks.



Only since Windows 10.


Corrected to "Snipping tool" from "Sniping tool"
(a.k.a. The original Sniping Tool)


When asking a question start with:

How do I... or How can I... or How do you....

Do not start a question with How to.. - this infers a guide or tutorial on how to do something

and finish with a question mark (?)


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I have seen users who have a lot of text in their titles, but their description is almost blank.

When you are posting, save the most important keywords in the title about your issue, like "How do I get a ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret with the Twitter component?" "An error occurred when selecting a random list item.". Also, give us as much information as possible about your problem. Do not just post sentences like 'it's not working', 'an error occurred in my project' or 'please help me.'.

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