Input using aux cable

Is there any extensions to give input to the app by using aux cable. is working only for speaker not microphone

Welcome. I edited your topic title and post somewhat to make it better readable.

Thank you... i need help

What kind of input are you talking about?


It is best to give as much information as you have about your project. Show what you have done or what you are trying to achieve.

Did you search the community?

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This doesn't appear to be an AI2 specific question, but rather an Android related question:

I m trying to take input frequency from signal generator app to my app through aux cable so that my app can read the frequency and then i control the range ...This a small part of what i m doing.I could not able to read the frequency when i connect the aux cable.I m missing something and i dono what it is can read without aux cable!!!

I have gone through all of this, but could not able to solve my problem

  1. What do you mean by frequency? Every audio signal has a specific frequency.
  2. Which device and which Android version are you testing with?
  3. And what are you testing with:
    → Companion,
    → emulator or
    → APK (compiled app)?
  4. Show what you have tried so far (your blocks and the aia).