It tells me the app has a bug

I was coding my app And when I built it As an apk and downloaded it and installed it and when I try to open it it tells me the app has a bug and tell the developer to update it, please help.


Show an image of the error. Post your aia.

When I try to export aia it exports as zip

Rename the .zip to .aia and post that here.

I have never seen this message on any AI2 distro app or any of my 19 test devices (Android 4.x - 13).
Which device and Android version? And post a full screenshot.


yoki_coins_gainer.aia (271.7 KB)


You didn't answer this question.

I get this in the companion

Never used Firebase so can not help you with that. Did you test in the companion? And did that work for you?

Frebase requires the → US central server.

Mobile phone

I didn't test in the companion

Brand model?


Check your FirebaseURL:



It should be something like this: "Samsung Galaxy Note 10".

Samsung galaxy a52