Need help:clouddb data shown using a listpicker/view

hey guys im building an app using clouddb, basically in one segment of the app i end up using the list picker as a search button and use the beforepicking event to get taglist and accordingly filter the search. however when i run the code using ai companion the data is shown in the listpicker only after clicking it multiple times( the first time i click it, the list turns out to be empty and after clicking it multiple times the dataset is shown ). Is this because of using the free server in mit or is there something wrong with the code? thanks in advance for your reply.

Please show your relevant blocks and review the link below, providing further information as required:

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Unlike TinyDB, which can return a taglist immediately, all online databases like cloudDB and FireBaseDB need time for the taglist to arrive.
So while you can use the beforePicking event safely with TinyDB taglists, it won't get results fast enough for online databases.

Instead, make your ListPicker invisible, and add a Button next to it (a fake List Picker), to start the process of populating the List Picker in its click event, by requesting the taglist from a devoted DB component. In the When Taglist Arrives event for that component, populate the List Picker Elements, hide the Button, make the List Picker Visible (not sure if this is needed), and force the List Picker open.
When the List Picker is selected, hide the List Picker and make the Button visible, and handle the Selection accordingly to taste.

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