Remote start Trigger

I am trying to improve on my Sports Timer app, and would like to know, is there a way I can create a remote start app - to trigger another app timer? All Internet based? If someone can oint me in the right direction, it will be awesome!



do you mean, you want the results uploaded to the internet using a database

No, I mean I have a timer app, that is started via another app from another device. Or maybe a specific sms or any way.
For example I have a 80km race from point a to point B. So the marshall on point A have an App that start the device timer on point B

  • An sms? Sometimes an sms message is sent/received almost instantly; sometimes, depending on your phone provider, the Text might be delayed a bit. [Texting]
    ( . You might be able to use
    the event MessageReceived( number , messageText ) Event that’s raised when a text message is received by the phone. Using this block will add dangerous permissions that will require additional approval if your app is submitted to the Google Play Store. You might be able to use that to trigger something on the app that receives the text message. It can be used for multiple functions depending on the message sent (Start, lap, or whatever) and received . But this method will not guarantee instantaneous effect.
  • any way? Perhaps use CloudDB or FirebaseDB which are supposed to be 'real time' ... but there will always be some lag. Each of these databases have event handlers that could cue your start timer...maybe :frowning: Or, with more complexity, you might be able to use a GoogleSheet on Google drive.

Try something. Only you know what your app must do and can test if the idea works.

Looking for something alike I saw this and got an idea for a solution that might be good for you:
With your message to point B send a time stamp of the exact time at point A. Make an app for use at point B that is able to read the message (or the marshall there does that manually) and counts time not from the time it is triggered but starting with the timestamp time.
Good luck!