Companion Crashes as screen changes

So i'm pretty new to app Inventor, And i'm just kind of experimenting with stuff while also making a little game. But i have run into a problem: When Switching from on screen to another it crashes. I have tried to fix it myself and I couldn't find anything. But the weird part is, when I start the companion on the screen I want to switch to, it works perfectly fine. I Imagine it's just something that i'm not experienced enough to know. Here is all my code for both screens:

And here is the code for the screen i'm trying to switch to:

Screenshot 2021-05-26 10.41.49 Screenshot 2021-05-26 10.40.52 Screenshot 2021-05-26 10.39.04

So after testing a little bit more I have come across a couple errors and and things that are more complicated than they should be, and i have fixed all those things but no luck. anyway, here is my improved code.
Screenshot 2021-05-27 09.44.05 !

Code for the screen i'm trying to switch to:

A single screen with multiple hidden vertical arrangements is easier than switching screens.

See here (especially point 3):

point 3

Thanks for letting me know, I will definitely keep these things in mind when I have another problem.

Thank you so much for responding! This would probably work. I can't believe I didn't think of this before seeing as I have many hidden vertical arrangements in my app. Thanks again.

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