Initialize not working while going to other screen in APK

The screen initializes not working while changing to another screen. Web viewer after going to and back to another screen. In Ai Companion, everything works well. But in apk it ruins everything

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Yes, this is a known issue. In the apk, you should use the "when.OtherScreenClosed" event:

In companion, after changing the screen, the "Initialize" event is called, in apk "OtherScreenClosed".

I have checked many forum but I couldnt find a solution for that.I have no idea what should do now.Hope u guys may help.Thanks in advance
Register Block

Login Block

I understand that the problem is on screen1 after closing the Login screen?

I does not close the screen.I just open a new screen.In ai companion its works to go to next screen and show the web viewer by initialize login screen.But in apk it will become blank for it

It about, when I open another screen, it becomes blank and does not load the web viewer.

ya,its all about like that.But I think I already fix it by removing all the files features.Thanks for your help ya :smiley: