APP function controlled by bluetooth remote control

Hi, I want to control some functions of my app by a bluetooth remote control. It is possible?
I try with a cip remote control:

I connect it with smartphone bluetooth, I see it in my app list but when I try to connect a have an error connection.
How I can resolve this problem?
has anyone tried to connect a bluetooth keyboard or mouse to their app?

Thank you!!!

Welcome @Nax72 ,
Can you please elaborate more about the issue? What's the error that was given during connection? Can you show your blocks?

Thank you, when I get home I send what you requested, but I would like to ask if anyone connected a bluetooth keyboard (or mouse) to their app (and how they did).
Thank you!!!

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It use BLE.
I succesfully connect the shutter to my app and I able to take some information about bluetooth shutter (the name, if it is connect… ecc) but now the problem is to receive the button-click.
Which UUID do I have to use with which command (ReadStrings/ReadBytes…)???

Show the blocks.

Dear AyProductions,

The problem is that I don'know how "read" the bluetooth button click, so I don't know how write my blocks. I use BluetoothLE1 I try with "readxxx" or "registerforxxx" for all the characteristics, but It doesn't work.....
Which is the characteristic that I have to read?
Perhaps is the click button a notification?


I'm testing this remote control:

I'm able to use the volume keys (using volume events extension) but, since I would like to use the remote control to activate other functions (not change the volume), I would like to know if it is possible to inhibit the volume change in the app. Also I would like to use the other functions on the remote control (previous/next/play/pause), could you tell me how?
I think it's recognized as an external keyboard
The button in Bluetooth (NOT BLE).
Thank you!!!