ZoomImage Pro Extension


I've tried to email Said, the developer of the ZoomImage Pro extension, but am not getting a response.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the extension? Particularly - what components the image can be loaded into.

I'm also assuming this is the main all function and that "input" is the name of the component that the image is being loaded into:


Any comment on people's experiences with the extension would be appreciated.

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Show your blocks. And read this.

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Sorry @Anke, It's a premium App and I haven't purchased it as yet.

I want to get a better idea of how it works before I pay for it. I've searched for documentation other than that provided on the extension page, but I've found little information available, hence my request for information.

Try this free one:

@Anke, awesome, thank you. Any it's hot off the press too!

Yes, the extension has just been on the market for 2 hours.

It seems there may be some work yet to do with the extension, or i'm not using it correctly.

My problem is that as I load a new image into the arrangement, the previous image is not removed (I can see it underneath the new image).

Once I've loaded a number of images, the phone slows right down and takes a long time to do anything and the zoom function becomes very slow also.

I feel like the extension isn't handling multiple images very well and perhaps should be unloading the arrangement prior to loading a new image.

Any other suggestions on pinch/zoom extensions while I and/or the developer sort this one out?

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