Simple Audio record tutorials are impossible

I thought I would start with the basics - a voice recorder and playback, tutorials are plenty but none of these work with any success, it seems that setting paths for folders has become a real pain of late with android versions.

Can anyone show me whats occuring here - the learning curve to understand directory at such an early stage is very frustrating.

I have followed a video guide for a three button voice recorder

b1 start
b2 stop
b3 play

but the whole thing errors with : ENOENT ( no such file or directory)

annoyingly as something has changed there is alot of tech discussion about paths but this is lost on me at this early stage.

any current guides or examples to follow that will work on a pixel4 would be welcomed.

Simplest: set the savedrecording path to your ASD

Show your blocks.

See also here: