Activity starter download csv

I want to download the csv file
sample.csv (1.0 KB)
with the activity starter

but I get an error.

What am I doing wrong?

You will need to convert the content uri to a file path. A block for this is available using file extensions.

can you write something more?

This is done using companion meaning that file permissions are less restrictive.

I used @vknow360 's FileTools extension



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thanks for the answer but I can't get the extension.

A better link:


Great, it shows the paths to the files, but where is the data of these files?

You will need to read the file to get the content out. You will need to add the File component (in Storage)


Sorry, maybe I got it wrong. I need at least the result of downloading a file from an application.
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Why not use english to post blocks ?

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