Error 908 . How can I change from app to legacy?

When I use my app with AI2 all runs good, but when I download it the app gets the error 908. I read that I have to change app to legacy, but I don't know how

Go to the screen1 properties in the designer and find the DefaultFileScope property there

Now the error 908 is solved but the error 2104 has appeared, any solutions?
My app consists of saving html and csv tables to the mobile, that's where it gives me the problem.

Read the link first and then

  • post all relevant blocks
  • name the Android version
  • post a screenshot of the error / message.

I have android 11

My bad, hope you can help me

If the file has already been saved with Companion in one of the Shared folders (eg /Documents) on Android 11+, then this file cannot be overwritten with the APK afterwards because it is a different app.

You only saved the filename with a timestamp of the day, so this wouldn't be possible again until the next day, as that's when the filename changes.

The options are:

  1. Delete the file with Companion beforehand or
  2. Uses a timestamp with Mdyy_HH-mm-ss (in the filename).

See also here:

I changed that and now it says "(NameTable) Not Available"

Post the aia or better a small simple test aia that only addresses this issue.

RB_Virtual6 (1).aia (186.4 KB)
It is programmed to create tables and be able to see them, but it turns out that their visualization is not available.

Please explain in more detail.

The application consists of a data collection that when the save match button is clicked creates tables of different variables in csv and html, the html being the ones that can be seen while in the app. If the season button is clicked, it gives us the possibility to see all the tables, but now neither when it is connected to the companion nor downloaded does it let me see them. It says that it is not available.

Now neither with the companion it works. I can only see 3 of the 16 tables. Also they download on my phone, that 3.

I don't have the time to work my way through almost 3000 blocks. Create a simple test aia that reproduces your problem.

The fact is that I don't know wich block reproduces the error...

The app crash hen i click "Do it" in the permisions of write and read external storage. Also it ask me for vales in other blocks and I do not know what I've to put