Unable to send text via bluetooth after selecting an option at spinner

Hi, what I'm trying to do is whenever I select an option from spinner, I want to send a specific text for that specific option. For example if I choose 1 from spinner in the screen named 'Alarm'( I have attached my .aia for your convenience), I want to send 'A'. But, I'm unable to understand what to do. I have done this earlier using button, like when I clicked button, a text was sent using bluetooth. I want to know how can I do this after choosing an option from spinner. Thanks in advance.Boticabot.aia (5.8 KB)

You may have to learn from here :

I have attached the .aia file of my app. As I have mentioned in the post I am having problem with spinner. I didn't find any similar post in the forum. None of them used spinner while sending text via bluetooth.

Your use of multiple screens is interfering with your access to BlueTooth, which can't keep a connection open across screens. Fortunately, your project is small enough that it gave me a chance to try the Designer Copy and Paste options to consolidate your screens into Vertical Arrangements (VARs) in Screen1, and to rework your screen handling to use visibility of VARs.
Boticabot_ABG.aia (4.6 KB)

I see you are using spinners instead of a Time Picker, which is intended for that purpose.

You could probably also benefit from pulling in a Clock component from the Sensors drawer.
It has many time calculation and formatting blocks, in addition to a Timer event.