Error 908: The permission READ_INTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app

Hi. I am new. I am trying to make a web app using web viewer. I have stored my html file in media files(by both methods- once uploading and once using aia file). I have seen every possible solution I could find.

Case 1- Without permission, it shows the html file in AI companion but not in apk (after building it).

Case 2- With permission, if I use external storage, it shows blank page as I don't use external storage. But, if I use internal storage, it shows access denied. For this, I tried building apk file -> install it -> give permission, but no permission prompt, even in settings -> no permission required.

Please help. I am very eager to know it's solution.
Thanks in advance (If problem gets solved...)

Your android version is ?

and where are you saving your file in internal storage - case 2 ?

Show your blocks or post the aia (or a test aia).

See also here:

I wonder if there is such any permission. :thinking:

Try copying file to external storage.

I have used it on Android 4, 7, 9.

I don't have external storage.

I have tried it on Android 4, 7, 9.
I don't now where the files are being stored. I have used Taifuntools extension.

may.aia (862.4 KB)
I have attached the aia file. In the html file, I have used "../" to find the files required by the html. Even if I remove it, it doesn't helps.
Also, I have tried it on Android 4,7,9.

You need a component / extension that adds this permission (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) to the Manifest. So add the File component (as a dummy) to your project and try again.

Note: A permission can only be requested if the permission is declared in the Manifest.

To open the HTML you only need this:

because no permissions are needed to access files in the assets.
The same applies to the ASD (app-specific dir).

See also here:

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See also here:

... or this:

Here are the permissions declared in the Manifest of your app:

As you can see, there is no READ permission so you cannot ask for it.

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This also works, development and compiled (on Android 10):

(see Release Notes)

and testing by using the application specific directory (ASD) also works compiled and development:

Oki. So, how can I include the permission?

First one didn't worked. How should I include FileTools1? If it is another extension, please give the link to download it.

If you really need this permission, do what I said:

The File component adds READ_/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to the Manifest.

How may I add the File component?


Drag it into your project in the Designer.

Going... Trying...

Thankyou all for help. Now, I will try to access images and audio files from the html file. (and again come here and eat your brains...):sweat_smile::grin::innocent::innocent:

First one worked...:sweat_smile::innocent: