Html reading data from xml file

Hi, I am trying to load a html file in my app which is taking data from a xml file

I added the xml file in the app but my javascript not able to find xml path. Please help


Are both the HTML and xml files in the same folder (directory)? Where is the javascript, in a separate js file, in the HTML file, in the Web View javascript block?

yes both the files are available under media, javascript is in html

But when I run the app it loads html with error that xml file is not found. Please help me

Next time, upload a file, not a screenshot of code - we can do next to nothing with it.

Well it very much looks like a javascript issue rather than an App Inventor issue. Did you code the HTML file? It looks like jQuery has been copied and pasted into the HTML file? The error is within the function FWDGallery(), but where does that come from? Where is config.xml loaded into the HTML file?