Can someone help me please it means a lot to me:)

How can i add data using the same app the user is using but im on a private screen or another screen and display it to the login user screen Please someone help me thank you in advance


Please read this first:

Do you mean there are multiple users and you require to make a login screen for them? On the same device? :thinking: :thinking:

no not the same device but the same app, with the user login and a login for the admin on the same app then the admin can send data to the user that is login. Please can you help me? please it means a lot ty in advance:)\

You mean like an admin who registers a user so the user just needs to log in

no a user can register and login but a admin can login with a given username and password that can only access if you are an admin:) please help me it means a lot ty vm in advance

You want it online or offline

online. im using firebase to fetch the data from user and send updates to the user:) please help me it means a lot thank youvm

I'm still confused, please explain in more detail

screen 1 is theres a sign up and log in for a user, the user need to create an account to log in. And for the admin you just need to log in with a given tag and value if both true it will go to the admin page and for the user to the homepage. then the admin can send data to the user in homepage.Please help me salman it means a lot to me ty vm:)

so admin profiles don't need to be saved to Firebase

Like This :

that is one way, yah like that but then how can i add data or update data to a login user please help me please ty vm

Watch This :

the signup and login is already done the problem is how to send or update data to the user with me as a admin please help me

Or Make Like This :

Admin Page :

User Page :
blocks (1)

blocks (2)

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yeah like this ill try this out, ill make updates on it. thank you very much for your help salman this helps a lot. do you have something more detailes like that admin page and user page.

Maybe this can help to beautify (label) components :

For more code can be found here:

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thank you so much for your help much appreciated:)

You're welcome @Maky_isHere :star_struck: :+1:

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