Rooms and Murders - my first game. Mistakes?

Rooms_and_Murders.aia (259.1 KB)

Hello, this is my first game programmed with App inventor and there are still some things in it that don't work. I would be happy if someone who has time could take a look at it.

Hello, this is a part of my game and I have the problem that only one of the two things happen and that is the second. Maybe somebody can tell me why the first one does not work.

Which event is not working? (you probably only need an else block, as opposed to an elseif)


You can't set a variable to a tinydb tag like this (which is why you have the red cross). Create the empty variable, then set it to the tinydb tag in the Screen.Initialise event.


@galaxy_progrmming You should add a close screen block before the open screen block. Too many screens open can cause apps to crash. Maybe like this? ↓

Idk. I don't use multiple screens that often (it's better to simulate screens by toggling on/off visibility on Vertical arrangements as the different screens).
@Anke, you are the one who gives advice about screens a lot, any suggestions?

I corrected switching screens and some blocks:
Rooms_and_Murders2.aia (260.3 KB)


Thank you for your help!!

Yes, I should do that thank you!

Ok I can do that, thanks!

Thanks @Anke. I was only asking for your opinion on screens, but thanks for going above and beyond by helping out @galaxy_progrmming with his project.

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