Screen causing a bug that won't let me remove what's causing the bug or access the screen

I changed a media image name and it immediately caused a bug. Other screens open fine but that one screen repeats the same "An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?"


Did you just change the name of an image and re-load it to Media or did you replace the image? It sounds as though the system cannot display the image. That could be for a number of reasons.

If you upload your Project file (.aia) here, we can take a look at the back files and try to find what is wrong.

Export Project

I have a student with same/similar issue. Tried two different browsers - the error won't let her access anything - hit cancel or ok and the box pops right back up so we can't download the aia file - can't get to anything. Any ideas?? She's in the middle of a final project - she can't even start over because it won't let her get to project page or logout

Disable project autoload by using the following url
Then you will be see all projects, tick next to the one that has problem, go to Projects and choose Export selected project to my computer. After that upload aia here so someone could look at it


Looking at the screenshot, my guess is that the student was copy and pasting TableArrangements, which are particularly fickle. It should be possible to recover the project, but it will take a bit of manual editing of the project file outside of App Inventor to correct the TableArrangement issue. If there hasn't been much progress made, it may be worth to reconstruct the project with a combination of horizontal and vertical arrangements instead.


That's the reason why I've not used TableArrangements since a long time. The same glitch happened to me, causing me to prevent using them anymore.


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Hi, I have the same issues :') and I'm in the middle of a final project, will you take a look at mine?

We (at least I) don't have the time to search through projects with 9 screens and thousands of blocks for possible errors. Post a small, simple test aia that reproduces the problem and show the relevant blocks as well. Also show screenshots of the settings in the designer.

BTW, follow @ewpatton's advice:

Here you go FINALPROJECT3.aia (2.2 MB)

P.S. you should not modify files outside of MIT if you don't know what you are doing..

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