Android 13 (nivel 33 of API0

I need help with this:
Your app must target Android 13 (API level 33) or newer
To provide a secure experience for users, Google Play requires that all apps meet the desired API level requirements.
From Aug 30th. 2023, if the desired API level is not at most one year different from the most recent version of Android, it will not be possible to update the app.

What do I need to do?

Use the latest version of App Inventor 2 to compile . As of November 27,2023 version nb195a targets SDK 33

If you are revising an app, change the Version number and use nb195.

What is " nb195 "

It is the version number of the App Inventor application:


now on nb195a

This is the current App Inventor version

Just update version number and version code in the settings, then build your app and upload it into Google Play


How to do it see here



Thank you