App Inventor App crashes when pressing a special button

Dear App Inventor users,
I have created an app in App Inventor about my artworks. The problem is, that the app crashes or is closed, when I press a button to the next page. The second time after re-opening it works. But I would like to have an app, which does not crash. It crashes on a smartphone and on a tablet pc. So it does not depend on the smartphone. The app has about 12 MB, it has background images, the other lots of images are 700 pixel large. Does someone please have an idea, what could be the problem? How can I fix it? Thank you very much.


The size of the aia file must be ≤ 10 MB.

Hello Martina

Please see my guidelines on optimising images for Android. It's not just about dimensions, memory size and cpu use are very important factors. Do you have the images stored within the App as media?

Another issue may simply be the way your App is structured. How many Screens are there?

Finally, how you take the User from one screen to the next is important too - if screens are not closed correctly, it's possible to have more than one of the same screen in memory, a classic cause of crashes.

Ultimately then, one of the power users may need to study your Blocks code, but the first task is to ensure that all of your images are Android friendly.

Thank you very much for all the help. I could solve the problem with a puravida tutorial. I needed to create different processes (the violet ones). Now it does not crash. I am still working on the images. Thanks! I can close this post.
Have a great day!


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