Help needed regarding app asking permission


I am experiment with an app that is making a quiz with the data in a file that I have added to my app data. I am using the following components:

  1. file - to read the data from file
  2. TinyDb - to store some state between app usage
  3. labels, checkbox, horizontal and vertical arrangements for app display
  4. some buttons

I would think the app won't request any permissions from users but after install when opened the first time, it asks for permission to access photos, media and files on device. Things work fine if I allow. Is this expected? Where can I find more details about the permissions that I should expect for different components?

Where is the file stored? Show your blocks.

the built in file component asks for permission regardless of where the file is stored...
my guess is you stored the file in the assets of the app?

for this purpose you might want to use the EFile Extension by @vknow360, this is a copy of the MIT App Inventor file component, without requesting permissions


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True, I reported this bug myself some time ago. :upside_down_face:

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Found it. Will try using EFile. Thanks!

Update: EFile works fine and doesn't ask for permissions.

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