Error 710 :The sound is not ready to play

Whenever I try to play a sound whether it be through touch or other methods it gives me the notification: Error 710: Sound not ready to play. Screenshot 2021-10-26 8.13.22 AM

Please show your relevant blocks.

Usually, this is caused by not giving the player enough time to access the source.

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Try opening the Companion in "Legacy Mode" (there should be a checkbox on initializing the Companion), and connecting.

So try the Player instead of the Sound component.

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I'm not sure if this is the right person I'm asking (:sweat_smile:), but why use final Integers instead of a final HashMap?

Screenshot 2021-10-28 10.01.33 AM
This is the only block that was used. It's getting increasingly frustrating as nothing I'm trying is working

I've tried the player component, but it is not playing the sound at all.

Looks like you possibly do need to use the player component.

Show the path you are entering into the source textbox in designer....

Try this, working for me
(uses sound component so the end of the sound file may be clipped)

playSleigh.aia (61.8 KB)