Open file by default

How can i make my app accept specific file extension by default and run process automaticly with this file.

folder ? ext ? show/edit ? elaborate please your question.

Case-1: If I do Ctrl+O in Adobe Acrobat it shows only .pdf files to be opened, in MS Word it shows only .doc files and it happens in other window programs as well.

Case-2: If I double click on pdf file it get open in pdf viewer and same can happen with other file ext as well.

Which case is close to your requirment.

Case 2

For example when user clicked on .exm file it opens in my app.

I have not done any experiment with Intent or intent-filter, maybe this would be helpful to you,

You can tell the world (aka: android) that you want to open a certain file type by adding an intent-filter. What you basically do is put in your manifest that an activity in your app knows how to handle the filetype (or website/protocol etc).

No, i mean example by this.

Then again: Open file by default - #2 by Anke

Adobe Acrobat opens pdf for example. So i want when i click specific file extension, it will open in my app.

Show us what you've tried so far (your blocks).

This is my blocks.

What do these blocks have to do with opening a specific file (file type)?

They do nothing about openning file. When user opens file with this app will parse and do the actions. But I can't figure out how can i do this.

Then specify your question and last but not least the topic.

When I click html file, i want my app to be shown like this

Try Taifun's Sharing extension

I don't want to open files in other apps. I want to open files in my app.

Looks like you will need to edit your manifest.xml to make your app one of the default apps offered