List - Error Select List Item

and can anything be done to automatically disable it if it can't?

You can use the length of list block to check....the length of the list....before trying to select an item index higher than the length.

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and since the number is taken from the length of the list, I cannot define the number because it is not a permanent number, since that data changes depending on the table (MySQL) that I choose

Which number?

in your example the 3 since when changing the alternative to a table that shows 7 labels it only shows 2

Explain exactly what the goal is. See again here:

Basically it consists of taking the names of the columns of a table from a database and placing them in a label (I have done this) but when changing the table it does not allow to put the column name due to the error "Select list item: Attempt to get item number 3 of a list of length 2".

So far I have 2 tables "usuarios - tabla_usuarios" and table_users if it allows it to be placed since it is 7 while the "users" table does not because it is less than 7 (7 is the maximum label I have)

i now show my app

To shorten it, post the aia or a test aia.
I'll take a look at it tomorrow then.

i can send it by dm?

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You can achieve it by using three ways. i.e by using either

  1. For each number from to by
  2. For each items in the list
  3. A clock component

I sent you an aia via PM.

Here are the major changes/blocks.
There is certainly a more elegant way of doing this. :wink:


By the way, is there anything private or in need of protection in your aia?
I do not think so.

So next time post the aia publicly so everyone can learn from it and more people who may have more time than me can help you.

BTW, here Is the multiple if then block needed??

Why dont you try with (single event block)
For each number from to by event......

Thanks @Anke for the help.

I upload the .aia of the solution
Proyecto_N2.aia (91,3 KB)

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It looks like you haven't changed anything in my aia (solution).
Right? Then close the topic and click Solution on the best answer.

It's what I needed to fix my problem, thank you very much, that's why I published it as is

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I think you can reduce that if then logic with this simple one

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