Firebase get data not working

it is only showing 3. any fix?


Yep. If you are using the Firebase component blocks to call back data from Firebase, it expects the data in this format:

address: "\"3 Asuncion Batac Ilocos Norte Philippines\""

If you use the web component to call back data from Firebase, then you can leave the data as it is.

Firebase Database REST API | Firebase



other child like altitude latitude and longitude is working but not on the address i erased all the spaces in address it is now showing but without spaces


If you call back the entire projectBucket (gps) then you can access all the data as a json:




I have created a app but it does not getting data from mit

i have created a app getting realtime data from firebase but when i created apk data is not displaying

this is pic of my app
Accident_alert_System.aia (1.8 MB)
and this is aia kindly help me how i caonnect my firebase to it I put correct url and key along with seect location us-central

Try adding these blocks to your app


This initiates contact between the app and firebase, which kickstarts the dataChanged event.

Tested working on Android 10 and Android 12 compiled.

Also (but this might be just what happens in AI2, I see the component token) check that in the designer for firebase component, that your firebaseToken box is either empty, or contains the API Key of your firebase project before compiling.