Url local image for fancygallery

need to know the url for local images import in media section

Please elaborate


i'm building an app and i import fancygallery extension
to display image i use blocks text
for online images url it's fine
but i want to use image from media section
what url should I use?

any link to that extension?
did you already ask the author of that extension, what needs to be done in this case?


it's fancygallery from kodular
link : [Free] FancyGallery extension - Extensions - Kodular Community

You must encode your image in base-64 and them use it

not working error building app

Have you joined data:image/png;base64, tio base64 output

copy and paste i did

Try to change base 64 extension you used.

Use Absolute Path of image that start with file:///

i used an online website https://www.base64-image.de/
i'll try again

error could not save one or more file

Upload image to imgbb how i made in

What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


No problem for me to building apk with base64 image

what did you use to compress to base64
and can you post a screenshot of your blocks

I used https://base64.guru/
but you can use an extension to encode image e.g
[Free] Base 64 extension. File to/from Base 64

how to use photos in Google Drive?

I've never tested this feature, but I think a shareable link should work