Adding New rows to a single .csv file

Hello, I'm trying to make a location data collection app with the values being saved into a .csv file. The issue is I want to have and ID along with the latitude and longitude so that I can mark and know which point was which when I load the data in QGIS. Is there anyone who knows how to add collected data as a new row into the file?

I'm still new to this but I'm struggling anyone to help? I'd really appreciate it :')

Show what you have tried so far (your blocks).
See also here: How to ask a question (open new topic)

Sorry about that Anke. I added the blocks.

do you know What's the CORRECT format of CSV?

and why you save a boolean value to csv file when share the file?

Hello @Kevinkun no I don't know the CORRECT for CSV. I put a boolean value because I wanted to make sure that the location data and selected ID value were in the text. What should I use instead?

Not only is it absurdly a boolean, but it also returns an error, so it can't be saved at all.
(The if/else blocks returns a string and not a boolean, at least in the true case.)

You should debug your blocks (point 4 in my guide).

Start here:

The Sharing component uses / needs an absolte (or full) path:

File.appendFile (text: join ( spinner.selection, ",", latitude, ",", longitide, "\n"), filename:.....)

remove File.SaveFile block.

Noted with thanks. Will update

Thank you.

Hello Kevinkun, I removed the Boolean and ".AppendTo" blocks and put them to the side. I don't know if this now makes sense.

why not try it by your self and tell us the result.

Alright. Thanks for the support everyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: