Display color instead of numbers

hey guys , I am making an application to display number from google sheet about 35 labels to display this numbers .my problem is I want to display color instead of numbers in these labels but no blocks come to my mind to used it.
and the second problem i want to add button to print this result as (pdf file)

Those numbers...Would they be random, different for each tag, could they be repeated, dependent on the value received?

You have this block to create colors.....from numbers:

what exactly do you want to save to pdf? the values ​​you receive from googleSheet? a list of colors? the screen?

yes the numbers is degrees of student exams and i want convert the result to colors like "good ,very good,....." but by color "red or green or blue depend on number


This is with the label.BackgroundColor property...you can do the same with the TextColor.

this block connected with which bolck ?

Make a procedure...and call it with the number/label you want to check/color. If you have a list of the labels you want to change the color you can do something like this:

(EDIT: Added the text of the label in the procedure)

i can't understand this blocks for what?
the app retrieve data from google sheet by "student_id"

The list is only an example...simulating the list you receive from googleSheet (I haven't your data). So, you have to adapt that code to your list...for example in your lists it seems the name is in position 2, instead of 1. And the numbers start from position 3. You also need the list of labels to be used..and call to the procedure, for each element, to set the text and color in the labels.