URL to APK, but no sound for notification

Hi i have created a apk file for a URL to be deployed on android, my expected behaviour is it supposed to send a notification beep sound each everytime user received instructions. But currently it is not.

But when i used the same URL on chrome or any browsers, it is working fine.

Please assist me to solve this issue.

Please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks
See also

You could try the custom webview extension


Sorry Taifun, what are details do you need. Currently this is my config.

The webview component is no full browser
You could try the custom webview extension as already mentioned or the activity starter

Open the browser to a designated Web page

Use these ActivityStarter with the VIEW action and a Data Uri to open the phone’s browser to a designated web page, for example,

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW

DataUri: http://mit.edu