Move from firebase to web dropdown

How could I insert all this done with firebase to a web


What is the problem?
Where do you sign in an authenticated user?
Explain what you are trying to achieve?

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I try to pass everything I do through the firebase and transfer it to the web for security

You have data on firebase ? (on what appears to have secure rules)
You want to download the data your app ?
Then you want to upload this data to somewhere else online ? (where ?)

Is this what you want to do ?

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Do you have data on firebase? (about what seems to have safe rules)

Do you want to download the data of your application?

do you want to upload this data somewhere else online?
of course from the same firebase

Is this what you want to do?


before after

Where do you want the data to go ?

in web_get_ data
because the getdata address is already signaled

It seems therefore that you do not want to download data from firebase, then upload it somewhere else online, but simply download from firebase and view the data in your app ? And that you want to use the web component for this?

We may need someone who is fluent in Spanish and English to interpret for us :upside_down_face:

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it looks like noone is able to understand, what exactly you are trying to do...
therefore please elaborate in detail... you also can do that in Español...
see also


@elmachi130 no entendemos lo que deseas.
Tienes datos en Firebase y quieres moverlos todos a una web para tenerlos seguros?

Esa web es tu hosting? Puedes utilizar MySQL en tu hosting?

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es en el mismo firebase
cuando digo web te hablo de esto
antes guardaba y traía las listas sin problema del firebase ahora quiero hacerlo con Web1 según la imagen puesto que es mejor la seguridad

OK, you do not want to use the MIT Firebase component, but instead you want to use the Web component, in order to interact with your Firebase database ?

If so, then just about everything you need is here:

tienen razon quisa no me exprese bien pero la idea es esta
todas mis aplicaciones lo realice con guarda2
ahora quiero cambiarlo con el web1 que también me realiza lo mismo y me brinda mejor seguridad con respecto a la autentificación es por eso que estoy migrando

lo observare gracias

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