Detect when button click textbox contains what

Hi, when clicking a button how can I detect if the letter 'a' is in the textbox then something will happen?

Something like this?



oh yes that is how but let me test it out and after that i am telling you pls wait

but the thing is that i have to enter a character individually

for example, if I want to type "ayproductions' i have to type 'a' then 'y' each character individually which is quite tedious. i wan to enter like 'ayproductions' at once

This might give you some ideas...


.... that's off Topic, a completely different requirement :upside_down_face:

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um thats not really what i wanted

actually i want to enter all characters at once @ChrisWard

How would you expect to do that? Two possibilities:

  1. The texts to be entered at once are standard words or phrases for the App, in which case they can be stored as a list and selected from a List View or List Picker.

  2. You have massive hands with 13 fingers on each (one for each letter of the alphabet).


If you do not understand it,

I want to enter 'ay' the output should be 29 but when I enter it then output shows 2 which should not be. Is there any way to do it like this?

Show your blocks and describe precisely what the purpose is.

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i cant show the blocjks image as it is too big

but i can post the aia:
T9.aia (18.4 KB)

check the 'decode' procedure and test it in the companion

Do you want this,


A 2
Y 9

AY 29

I didn't read your .aia, but the name T9 suggest this.


I have no idea, what the goal is.
Maybe something like this:

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please apologize me as I am late (for online classes)

but the companion result is...

this is not how i want, it only generates 2 but if i press decode again it shows 2 but not 9

are you using exact same blocks please share your current blocks

Try this, using dictionary and replace all mappings block

T9_1.aia (20.4 KB)


thanks, @dora_paz! I got the result that I expected! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

and please apologize me again for classes

Next time, please ensure the title and description of your Topic actually define your requirement :upside_down_face:


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