Cannot delete item in the list view

So my app can add expenses and income which will show in the list view however I want to delete specific index/item in the list and I'm unable to do it, can someone help me?
Expense_Tracker.aia (37.6 KB)

See here for an example (uses cloudDB)

Ah but that's using cloudDB, how about TinyDB, is that the same application?

I've tried using the method but

This happened
Expense_Tracker (1).aia (36.3 KB)
Here's my latest file

Looks like you have a list of lists of lists. You will need to dive down into the list structure a bit more.

Unfortunately I don't know how, can you take a look at it?

Expense_Tracker (2).aia (36.1 KB)
So for the listview, it's already work but how do I update for the label, where it's getting data from different database/tags, like how do I update all of that when I'm removing it? Or is there anything that can be improved so that it will works? I'm very stuck here

Here's a rework of the app, reducing redundancy and fixing the place where you wrap the transaction list with another list when you load it:

Expense_Tracker1.aia (37.4 KB)

New value procedures (draggable)

These recalculate your total expenses and income by scanning the global transaction list, to avoid the juggling act of trying to keep sums incrementally on the fly. It's simpler and more robust.

This is a consolidation of your Overview init procedure, which refreshes the display after all events:

Also, you never closed the screens you opened, so I added code for that.


Your Delete button simplifies considerably:

P.S. I ran out of energy at the point where I should have dropped all the code where you store the two sums in TinyDB.

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P.S. I got caught in that sum redundancy trap myself in the Overview screen.

Here is a correction.
Expense_Tracker1.aia (37.4 KB)

Thank you so much, I can't thank you enough!

Payment can be rendered as nice fresh brain cells, from reading and understanding the code.

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