My New Whatsapp

Hi, i made like community app. i wana thats app be like whatsapp so i want to know how can i send media like photos files videos in listview , thats really mean to me so much if anyone help Tsym !

Hello Mark!

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can i know wat u mean i just like i need help like someone is good at mit help me , not sending the same message everyone is sending it



ty but thats didnt help me

So, what are you looking for?

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i am looking for how can i put media in listview like videos photos and files pdf

did you tried file picker?

no for real

but i am new at mit idk how to use it

I don't used it to place a file into a listview but try this

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ok ty i am gonna try it thank u for trying to help me

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it didnt work ;-;

what can we do? :thinking: :thinking:

idk i just want to do app like whatsapp and i need make thats app sending files like pdf file and videos on list view :frowning_face:

This should work:

ListViewImages.aia (1.8 KB)

Remember to change ListViewLayout in the Designer.


ok i will try it ty