How can I open a screen with a spinner?

Hey so I want to open a screen with a spinner for example if somebody clicks on dream journal it will take him to the page with the dream journal. I tried something like this but every time I do another one it says its a duplicate event handler and wont let me compile the program. Any suggestions?

You may only use one "when.Menu.AfterSelecting" block. By the red circle in the top left corner, I assume you have more. There is a rule that there can be no red errors in the blocks.

Well, I know that. It's just that, if I want to make different options, what do I have to do? Add another if?

I mean another if to the same block

Which different options?


See also here (especially point 2):

If you only have screen names in spinner, remove the "if" block, and only do "open another screenName = selection."


Yes, I would just add another if.