Bug screen help me

Hello I created an app and I had already done several things in it but I decided to create a new screen and you can't do anything just the screen is locked when I put the screen on and I can't delete it

See here:

Welcome to community. Export your project to the AIA file and place here.

Also note that you can not delete Screen1


Uploading: App.aia...

so when I try to export it says that the app cannot exceed 4000 kbs

It does not exclude I will send a photo for you to see

Place the file on another server. For example, on Google disk.

As you can see, the palette doesn’t appear, it’s all white with only the image on the other screen

How much MB has your AIA file? I think the project is too big. It can have too many screens, or too many files in resources. Also pictures added to resources can be too large. I can only say after screenshot. More I will say how you place a AIA file here.

Yes it has several images has 4.87MB

Your Internet is fast? Do other projects load?

Yes I don't know if the problem is the internet or the app and it's too big :frowning:

We will not find out that will not see the AIA file.

This is the first time I make an app

I will try to send it to you

Try to close the AI2 page and open again?

App(2).aia (2.2 MB)

I sent see that you can enter