Keyboard send automatic enter code


I have on one screen a few text field where I just allow to enter numbers and I calculate some thing.

When I try it on my computer and I enter the number and press the ENTER key I will confirm the number and focus on the next field.

But on the phone the number keypad comes up, I enter the number and press the checkmark, the keypad closes but the number is not confirmed becuause the coursor is still blinking.
So I have to touch the next field then it is fine.

Is there any chance that the checkmark on the keypad is equal to an keyboard ENTER?
Or do you have some other ideas, workarounds?


Show off your blocks and read this before:

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Try Taifun's TextBox Extension - this may help you to do what you want

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Here my blocks:

Thanks look interesting. I will try...

Try this:

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It's working very well!


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