Save as pdf (print)


I'm creating a invoice billing application. I'm using deephost invoice printing extension. After creating invoice it gives file path where pdf is saved.

When user click print i want to open

Save as pdf activity with the file path i got earlier.
Example of path i have (/storage/emulated/0/Download/myfile.pdf)

Edit: after using Advance PDF Creator By @shreyaa

I'm able to reach Save as pdf page but shows this error and app stops.

Please help me.


Android version ?
Testing environment ?
Show relevant blocks?

... and read this

Sorry for late response,

Android version 10.
Tested in niotron companion.
and compiled apk.

block used
this for layout to pdf creation.

this for pdf file printing

got this error when print activity start


and why are you not asking this question on the Niotron community ?

I suggest you do so.


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