How do i upload videos that are picked using filepicker in mit app inventor

how do i upload videos that are picked using filepicker in mit app inventor for mini social media app for uploading reels videos

Upload to where ?

im creating an app like social media now do i make users to upload their videos using filepicker

If you don't have a file server to host these files, you can ttry to encode this files into base64 string and send just other normal strings, then decode it after receiving.
There are several extensions for base64 encoding.

can you please send me the working
base64 extension ?

You can search here:

Extension Links


Lost Extensions 1
Inactive Communities

Lost Extensions 2

it has aia file that wont work for mit is there any other way other than base64 ? can you please tell other way please it will be helpful for my project

I ask again....

see im creating an mini social media project for posting reels only like only videos now i used filepicker to select video files but how do i make the users to upload the video in my app selected by filepicker .understood ?

as already said, sending files like picture/video/audio, you need to have a file server to hold the files, otherwise use a Base64 extension.

Do you have problem to use BASE64 extension?

yes i have problem and i also dont know how to use can someone tell me how to use please its an huge help

then you need to learn how to ask a question:
How to ask a question (open new topic) - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community

You need to help us to help you by providing more information.

Picking the file is done with the file picker in the app.

You will then use either the web component (PostFile/other method) or the webviewer (various methods) to facilitate the upload.

We need to know where the files will be uploaded to on the internet, and what method the online server will use to receive the files.

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