WebView Filepicker

Why is there no Filepicker for WebView?

Can you make it more clear?

I think he means launching a file picking event from a Web Viewer. Or does he mean something else?

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If this is the problem, then it may be any permission issue :thinking:

Hello @Sheriff, this post might be helpful to you

How do you upload files using the webviewer?


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Thank you. I did already take a look at that thread earlier and no one seems to have found a solution there. However, I have not tried the blocks shown in the screenshot about halfway down the post. I will try that tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks again for the reference, without the silly questions that those other accounts always seem to ask. I appreciate your help! :pray:t2::heart:


Had you described your issue with more precision, the people trying to help you would not have to ask basic questions. To ridicule someone who has made an effort to help you is out of order on this forum.

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