After Build Apk Problem, But Tested In AI Companion OK


Could you please stop spamming the community with the same topic? Stay with this one. Start by giving more info.

I m facing also all my apk build before also facing the same problem(Shown as image). I also don't know what happen.

Sorry Peter, I m not spamming. And don't know what happen. All app running ok before now suddenly facing the same problem.

You already have the tip in the error message, the block 'List from csv table' have a issue: the csv table format is not correct. Check the csv first.

Yes Kevinkun. But I tested in AI companion all OK. The problem is all app created before also facing the same problem. I just realise today.

Don't know any expert can test other app and give some help ?

show us your relavant blocks here.or aia file.


Show the content of your sheet. Not how you call it.

FYI: posting the same question 3 times is called spamming.

Very sorry Peter about that. I m not familiar with the operation. I don't know how to cancel the unwanted/wrong post.

I found problem is previously app can run smoothly now all get the same problem

Yes, you told that already multiple times. If you want help you have to answer the questions when asked.

Maybe the sheet has been poisoned with a " ' " character in one of its cells, breaking the CSV format?

Post a public readable link to the sheet we can test

For example, did you add an O'Brien to the sheet?

(This happened to me in the 1980s)

Sorry to all. After i check all my block, I found I wrongly put the gid. All OK already. Thanks everbody !

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