Receiving an SMS to a specific phone number

I was trying to do a similar job about this link
that whenever I receive an SMS to a specific phone number my application will notify if dialog box when the app is running and receive notification/alerts on my notification area when the app is not running. thanks and appreciate your help.

Sorry. That MIT tutorial is no longer relevant It points to an early version of App Inventor. Google has since changed the way Texting (sms) can work on Android devices.

See Texting

appreciate your response pal.. perhaps you have any suggestions about a push notification extension file that works with different android version/API levels including the latest one?

could help me how to build , recieving an sms to a specific number

First of all, this thread is 3 years old and usually it does not help very much to revive very old threads

Second, please elaborate, what exactly you are trying to do... is it 'receiving a SMS from a specific number? And what should then happen exactly?


Question now has heen asked here