Some android versions are not supportable

In some android versions the APK doesn't work properly that means it doesn't shows bluetooth paired devices in downloaded APK file.

My device is IQOO Z5 with android version 13 If i connect with AI companion it shows bluetooth paired devices like below attached figure.

If I downloaded that APK file into my device in that the bluetooth paired devices has not shown

You need to show your blocks.

Sir, My problem has been solved.
Sorry to bother you and thanks for your response sir

Tell us what worked, for the next time we get this question?

This is my blocks for connecting to Bluetooth

For my problem I just gave all permissions to my APK file.(Long press on APK file -->click App info-->Click on permissions -->Allow Nearby devices )
After that please update Your APK file then It shows the paired Bluetooth devices

you can add this code to ask for nearby permission when app is opened

(protip: you can drag this image to appinventor code section)