Compatibility with phones

well... I´m doing a schoolar project and I think I have all correct, anything but de compilation, because when I use my AI companion everything works well but when i make the APK, i can only use it with phones with notch, and i can´t use it with smaller phones as a huawei without notch, an also with a tablet SAMSUNG TAB A 8", the app just bugs, and dont do anything,
How can i fix this?
or what am I doing wrong?


What happens?

For that you will have to give more info

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The magic solution might be to set Screen Sizing to Responsive Sizing .

Set Sizing to Responsive and test your Project Luis.

If changing Sizing does not solve your issue, provide a more detailed description of you problem (possibly include screen capture images). See Peter's recommendations. Provide more information and you will get specific advice on how to proceed.

The problem is probably an issue with your code but you have not shared that. The problem may be an issue with using extensions etc. that are a problem on certain Android os devices but not when using the Companion.

The 'notch' at the top of the phone display itself might be causing the problem. Try hiding the phone StatusBar ( set ShowStatusBar to false )... what happens?