If SCRATCH can do it, Why not AppInventor ? Publish to a Web Page . Can it be that hard?

If SCRATCH can do it ( https://packager.turbowarp.org/ )
Why not us ? Publish to a Web Page . Can it be that hard ?
Please tell us , at least, that its on a TO DO LIST ?

Turbowarp Packager
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I guess you are free to attempt the same thing for AppInventor...

Yes, it actually would be.

Scratch projects are actually just HTML/CSS/JS made with blocks, so it is fairly simple to convert the data to a web page. For executable programs, it's probably just a webview in a templated app that is told to run the HTML/CSS/JS code, and is packaged.

But AppInventor projects wouldn't be easy to make a website from. Android apps are written in Java or Kotlin (AppInventor uses Java). Browsers cannot natively run Java. Windows executables are written with C or C++. Mac executables are written in Swift, I believe. Therefore the Java would need to be rewritten as HTML/CSS/JS at least, which is difficult even with AI (because it isn't always right).


Well this is APP inventor, used for creating mobile apps and they are not created in html, plus scratch is converted to html because it already has a web base.

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