Connect html with mit app

how to recive html textto mit app

Use the Web component

no iwanted to get the data from html to mit app
iif it is with webveiwer then please sendt he code photo

Ah, you want to scrape data from a web page ?

Show the web page (url) and indicate the data you want

how please explain in breif

Which web page do you require html/data from, and which html/data on that page ?

Use the web component
Set the url
Call Web Get
And receive the source of that webpage in the Web.GotText event

What about trying something?
see also App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


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Doesn't provide the rendered web page, only the source

can you please send the photo of block coding and html web page for exapmle please

and i need to get from html a data to mit app

and i also wanted to know can we coonect multiple hc05 with mit app

Please provide the URL of the web page you need the data from, and indicate which data you require

no a genral web page i havent created

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please send what you have written in the run java script

It is all there in the image

and also provide the html text

becuse i am not able to understand what to do in html file

The JavaScript will return all the html of a rendered web page. Try it ...