Questions that the user was wrong

Hello, I am developing a quiz app that already has a list of alternative questions and ready answers stored in the database. I need to put in a new list that will be in another tab the questions that the user was wrong. How should I do?

please show your block, and read this before create a new topic.

sorry, I do not understand, please elaborate
see also A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features


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Thanks for the feedback. Would you help me? The code is in the images. The goal is to create a Quiz app. What I want to do is when the user gets the question right, that question is on one list and when the user misses the question, that question is on another list. Summary: Home screen: user clicks Start Quiz and then types in the name. After typing the name, 20 questions appear randomly without repetition. These questions are located on another screen (Menu) in a database. The questions, alternatives and answers are linked by the index variable. When the user gets the question right the message he got appears and when he misses the question the message he got wrong appears. Thank you for all your help and attention.

what exactly is the question?
you might want to adjust the already provided example to your needs

for working with lists and lists of lists see here