My app cant go to the app why

i cant get my tablit to go to my app


What are you trying to do?

  • Run the App Inventor Companion on your Tablet?
  • Run your App as an APK on your Tablet?
  • Is the OS of your Tablet Android?
  • What is the version number/name of your OS?


This is the Dad of this account.

My 10 year old son is settling into this world, and has some internet social skills still to learn, among with a ton of other things :slight_smile:

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. Keep up the great resource!

-CrusingHolden’s Dad

Hello Dad

We have thousands of youngsters learning how to program with App Inventor, it is a really good platform for them. It's great for mums and dads who lend a hand too, because you do not need any prior experience in programming and the results of your own work are very rewarding.

We, the Power Users, are volunteers - we actually like solving problems and getting grey hair (well, maybe not the grey hair bit).