Help with tinyDB please

I make a simple clicker game and I want to make screen with the point the user get it from click and filter it by the day and month and years.
I mean the click he get it this month show it in one place and the click in the year show in one place.
I hope you will help me

Please provide more information/description and show images of your blocks / screen design. What you have already provided is not clear (to me)

Okay, sure I will send it now

A single tag "clicked" can't support the levels of detail you want to recover.

You will need the Clock component, text JOIN blocks, and 3 different tag types to hold your click counts:

  • 2020 should hold the clicks for the year 2020
  • 202012 should hold the clicks for month 12 of year 2020
  • 20201224 should hold the clicks for day 24 of month 12 of year 2020.

Likewise for all the other days, months, and years as given by the Clock component and Clock1.Now().

You will need to increment 3 different tags for each click, listed above.

P.S. Do a Clean up Blocks to expose the overlapping blocks.

I don’t understand good can you send me example image if you can please

and how to make 1 tag hold click for years, etc

Capture click_yyyy_MM_DD.aia (4.5 KB) Three this month

Try this.

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Thank you so much

I had a bug in my tag creation for days and months less than 10.
I was not forcing leading zeroes, thus getting the same tags for

The fix was to add a nn() function forcing 2 digits.

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