Bluetooth app stopped working after update


I created a simple program using the BLE extention that worked nicely before the update.
My first creation was this :

I just tried it out, it also doesn't work anymore.
I made a slightly different program , that worked , but now it doesn't work.

Please help !

Hello ? Anyone ?

  1. Please post images of your blocks/code/design directly to the forum (not a link to a pdf)

Hi, so I am having the same problem. It seems a recent update has broken a program that was working before. Not sure which of the recent updates caused these issues.

I have a program that worked great. I built it using the latest BT LE extension (20190701). I still have old versions of the .apk file saved on my phone and when I reinstall them, I can still find and connect to Bluetooth devices no problem. However, when I recompile the same program now, without making any changes, my device list never gets populated with anything. So it seems old versions of the .apk work fine where new versions have trouble discovering BT devices or properly building a list of the devices.

I figured I would test my list ("ListBLE") and populate it with a hard coded list rather than Bluetooth devices. The list populated my hard coded list, making me think it is an issue with Bluetooth LE.

I imagine you'll ask for this:

My phone is a Galaxy S10+

This probably makes this problem less solvable, but I dug up my old Galaxy S7 and a newly complied version of the program seems to run fine on it. So the problem seems to be something going on with my S10+. My S7 has BT 4.2 vs my S10 has BT 5.0. Is it possible the problem has something to do with that?

Alright, figured it out. There was some kind of permission bug. I thought I was screwed. Reread BluetoothLE extension 20190701 released. Saw there was an unreleased version of the extension made by @ewpatton. Fixed the problem. THANK GOD.