Ai2 application has stopped

So i made an app to connect to bluetooth using the bluetoothLE extensions and read files from arduino sensor to send them to thingspeak and then read them from thingspeak .
ecg_rose.aia (174.8 KB)

Here you can see app .
When i download the app directly from my android browser and install it to the phone , the app is not opening at all , giving me a message name of the app has stopped.
Any ideas why this could happen ?

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Firstly please follow Salman_dev's advice!
Here are a couple of things you could help us with -

  • Is the error (application stopped) occurring when you download the apk file?
  • Have you tried testing your app on the AI Companion?

Sorry it was my first post and i obviously searched the google for possible solutions , but i am posting because i couldnt find one fitting my example .
I dont know what else i should describe

The Error happens when i try to open the app ,after i have downloaded the apk file and installed it.
I dont have access to playstore since i am iphone user and dont have play store account .
I just found an old android smartphone just to test if the app is working

MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9 takes off in TestFlight.

Have a look here


Made a new playstore account on the old android smartphone i have and downloaded app

this is the error i get on companion , but i can see my interface .
This error happens when i clicked scan button , same happens with stop scan.

this is the message i get when i connect to companion

I think its related to the extension BLE , since i copied the example from mit site and it gives me same errors.

Any ideas?

Maybe you should try removing the extension, and uploading it again

But i need the extension in order to communicate with my arduino BLE

Yes I know, just try to remove the extension and upload again.

Removed it , no issues at all just cant connect or do anything , only text assigned to button changes value .
Without extension i dont have issues other than my app is useless :stuck_out_tongue:

:joy: :rofl: got it

Its the last brick to finalize my project :confused:

maybe these extensions can help :

I ll try it but i dont understand anything , do i download aix file ?

yes :innocent:

thnx i ll give it a try

problem with this extension , is there is no module to receive data .

why you don't use the existing bluetooth server directly in the mit app inventor